Soldering techniques

A secure connection, combined with clean components, is ensured by brazing or high-temperature soldering. Optimal brazing gaps ensure a strength of the brazed seam that is close to the base material. The protective gas atmosphere keeps your products oxide-free and makes them metallically bright. 
Depending on the application and requirements, soft, hard or high temperature soldering is possible. Your part design determines whether

Gas-shielded brazing
Brass soldering
Flame soldering
Induction brazing
Aluminium brazing

comes into play.

With regard to solder, the application of the parts determines the selection. Flux-free soldering is possible in the inert gas continuous furnace. Possible finishing operations such as pickling are no longer necessary.

We braze components made of stainless steel, steel, brass, copper and aluminium on our systems.

Heat treatment

The properties of metallic materials can generally be changed within wide limits by heat treatment. The heating and subsequent cooling of the components in an inert gas atmosphere results in the components coming out of the furnace system bright.

Bright annealing means recrystallising or normalising microstructures.

Typical applications are hydroformed stainless steel products.

We mainly carry out the following heat treatments:

Recrystallisation annealing
Stress-relief annealing
Soft annealing

By means of an appropriate hardness test and documentation, a corresponding annealing certificate can be issued after annealing on request.

Assembly production

Based on your complete and individual drawings, we manufacture e.g. turned parts. Depending on your needs, components can also be provided by you.

According to your requirements, the selected solder is applied to the correct points so that specifications such as tightness, mechanical strength values, etc. are met.

Brazing in a continuous inert gas furnace produces pressure-resistant joints of over 400 bar (dynamic). The components can be prepared for the brazing process by appropriate assembly procedures.

The following procedures are available:

Resistance welding
Impulse stapling    
TIG welding
MIG/MAG welding

By soldering in components, simple individual parts can be made from complicated structures.

Any variation is possible by simple change.
Challenge us!

Bending and shaping

State-of-the-art facilities are available to you for the processing of pipe fittings.

Tube bending is carried out either on fully automatic bending machines incl. mechanical processing or alternatively on conventional bending machines. Copper tubes in diameters of 12 mm and 15 mm are manufactured directly from the coil.

Complicated bent parts are manufactured for you in dimensions from Ø 6-28 mm on our equipment. We bend tubes made of steel, stainless steel, copper and brass according to your specifications.

Novelty 2023!
We cut pipes made of steel, stainless steel as well as copper and brass from Ø 6-28 mm. With our new cutting centre we are able to orbitally cut tubes from Ø 6-28 mm.

The complete offer includes other outsourced operations such as

Chrome plating
Coating ( e.g. KTL)

On request, we can supply you with the products in the surface of your choice.

Problem solutions can be realised with bending-soldering combinations!

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